2019/20 TK/ Kindergarten Registration on February 5th
Thu, Jan 24 1:33pm
Mt. Diablo Elementary
2019/20 TK/Kindergarten Registration on Tuesday, February 5th
 9 am-11 am or 1 pm-3 pm in the MUR

Steps to enroll your incoming TK/Kindergarten student for Fall 2019:

  1. Click here to enroll your student online
  2. Print the online enrollment document
  3. Collect ALL required documents (detailed in the above link)
  4. Bring all paperwork to Mt. Diablo Elementary TK/Kindergarten Registration day, Tuesday, February 5th. (The only documents not required on registration day are the medical & dental exam forms, which need to be completed after March 1st).
  5. Incomplete registration packets will not be accepted