Congratulations again, MDE Eagles!
Tue, Mar 9 2:47pm

Congratulations again, MDE Eagles!! You made our first annual Read-a-thon a HUGE success, raising a grand total of $35,870. THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

I know everyone is very eager to see the final leaderboard & winners of the various incentives. without further ado……

  • There were 307 kids registered for the read-a-thon. See video #1 link from Mrs. Sanchez for the winners of the Pie-in-the-face! Mrs. Sanchez offered to get one in her face, too, so two lucky kids were chosen! Stay tuned for the videos of the pie in the face!!
  • There were 107 kids who raised more than $100. See video #2 link  from Mrs. Sanchez for the winner of the mini-ipad! 

Top Minutes Read:

  1. Brown: 6,907- WINNER!!! $5 ice cream certificate for each student!!
  2. Knapp: 5,433
  3. Pousard: 5,426
  4. VanOutrive: 4,701
  5. IIs: 4,308

Top Fundraising Class

  1. Pousard: $3,842 – WINNER!!! $5 ice cream certificate for each student!!!
  2. Campora: $3,113
  3. Ils: $2,271
  4. Hopkins: 1,923
  5. Cross: $1,896

Top Individual fundraisers:

  1. Cole Panza, Pousard, $1,285- WINNER of the $100 amazon card, congrats!!!!
  2. Jackson Ring, Campora, $1,130
  3. Alexis Schmidt, Brown, $1,030
  4. Sydney Mills, Carcamo, $645
  5. Tae-San Currie, Grispo, $632

We will be in touch within the next 2 weeks with each winner to get them their incentive prizes. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you again for your wonderful support and participation. We look forward to our next Fundraiser Move- A-Thon coming late April with lots of fun prizes and more pies!

With gratitude,

Lindsay Ring

2021 Read-a-thon chair

1st grade mom