Disaster Prep Supplies Needed
Mt. Diablo Elementary

Parents of MDE Students -

Every year we go through the disaster prep supplies and replace outdated things. This year we need bottled water for the students and AA batteries for the FRS radios in the classroom backpacks. Each classroom has a case of water already, but there is additional supply kept in storage for long term need. The old water will be disposed of through the school garden and planter boxes.

If you would like to donate a case of water and or some AA batteries, please sign up to do so, then either text 925-997-6468 or email kaylahoffman@gmail.com to coordinate a local drop off. Once everything is collected, it will be delivered in a single trip to the storage shed.

Thank you for your help,


Faith Hoffman, VP Operation PFC

Jenni Crisp, VP Operations PFC


Case of water (case of 24) Signed Up: 31 / 40

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AA batteries (4 pack) Signed Up: 5 / 10

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