Don't miss out on any school events this year!!
Mon, Aug 12 9:54am

Now that you know your classroom teacher(s) for the year, please take a moment to assign your child(ren) to their classroom in Konstella. This year, you'll see more teachers using Konstella to communicate, so make sure you don't miss any class notices or sign-up sheets by connecting here.

To do this, click on your name in the upper left on your desktop screen, then click on Your Children. (If you haven't added your children to your profile, you can do so now.) In each child's profile, click Join Classroom to connect with your teacher. 

From the app, click the Settings icon at the top left corner.  Click "Your Children". If you don’t see your child(ren) name, Click the Add Child Button below. Drop down list will appear with all classrooms sorted by grade then by teacher.

Have a great school year!