Eagle Run Winners!
Thu, May 5 8:51pm

Hi again, MDE Eagles!


I am so excited to announce our final winners for the Eagle Run!  Congratulations to everyone who participated.  You should all feel very proud for helping our school raise over $36,000!!


Drum roll please…….


Raffle of ALL Pledgestar Registrants (Plush baby yoda):  Oliver Ward

Top Individual Fundraisers:

1.      $200 Amazon Gift Card:  Cole Panza

2.      $100 Amazon Gift Card:  Brynn Panza

3.      Oakland A’s Ticket Vouchers:  Hailey Duffy

Top Fundraising Classes:

1.       Skipolini’s Pizza Party:  Ms. Huaco’s class

2.      Donut Party:  Mrs. Blazer’s class

Top Grade Level Lap Winners (STAR WARS water bottle):

TK:  Dominic Lopez (7 laps)

          *Special mention to Luke Ruff and Dylan Loza!  

             It was a raffle for a tie!

 K:  Miles Moser (9 laps)

 1st grade:  Ethan Stice (9 laps)

 2nd grade:  Yanni Boutrik (10 laps)

 3rd grade:  Miles Weisbrod (11 laps)

 4th grade:  Alex Jenson (12 laps)

 5th grade:  Oliver Wojciechowshi (12 laps)


I will be reaching out to all winners separately to coordinate picking up your prizes. 


Thank you, MDE Eagles, for making this such a successful event!