Halloween Parade
Wed, Oct 31 10:15am
Mt. Diablo Elementary
1 day before

2019 Halloween Parade

On Wednesday, October 31st we will have a Halloween parade beginning at 10:15 am. Students will begin leaving classrooms and snake through the school picking up classes until we reach the upper grade playground. We are asking that parents stand in the center of the playgrounds either upper or lower to view our parade. Everyone is welcome to attend the parade,  please remember to check in at the office to get a volunteer pass if you plan to remain on campus after the parade. 

Children may wear their pajamas and/or wear pajamas under their costumes.  Costumes need to be appropriate for a school setting (think G-rated) and students need to be able to use the bathroom without assistance. Light make-up is allowed and masks can be worn during the parade only. Children may spray their hair different colors at home, but will not be permitted to spray their hair at school. For safety reasons, replica weapons of any kind are not allowed at school. For any families that do not wish their child to participate in the parade, an alternate location has been determined for the duration of the parade. Please be sure to notify your child’s classroom teacher if you wish for your child not to participate in the parade.


Parade Route