Important Information from Otis Spunkmeyer
Mon, Oct 25 6:53pm

Dear MDE Parents,

Thank you again for your tremendous support of our first ever Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser.  I unfortunately just got some bad news (I am just the messenger!!). Please see email below from Gateway fundraising. Not entirely surprising given what we've been seeing in the news with shipping delays, but I do realize this is disappointing. I appreciate your understanding and flexibility. On a more positive note, we will still move forward with the Balloon pop and the donut parties as scheduled. 

Thank you, 
Lindsay Ring 

VP of Fundraising, MDE 

From Gateway: 

Due to issues with the supply chain, availability of key ingredients, transportation and more, Aspire Bakeries and Otis Spunkmeyer are experiencing severe delays in providing product.  As a result of these delays, we will be postponing our  November 3rd delivery until after the Thanksgiving Break and we will update you as soon as we have a confirmed delivery date.  We deeply apologize for this unexpected change, and understand the logistical challenges any change in scheduling creates.  We are working with Otis to get the product as quickly as possible, and appreciate your flexibility as we continue to navigate these Covid related issues. Please reach out to us at 800-642-0217 with any questions/concerns.

Thank you,

Gateway Fundraising