Important School Funding Decisions on the Ballot this November!
Sun, Sep 23 7:00am
Mt. Diablo Elementary

This November 6, registered voters have the opportunity to vote on a school bond (Measure J) that will impact funding at Mt Diablo Elementary and other schools in Mount Diablo Unified School District. We invite you to learn more about what’s at stake and why our PFC leaders including Alli Battistelli, Kelly Scholes, Faith Hoffman, Steve Rossi, Erin Bennett, Amanda Pisani, Jodi Lindemann, Jennifer Marks and Laney Cline King are all voting YES on Measure J. 


WHY DO WE NEED SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDING?  As you know, some of our classrooms and school facilities are over 50 years old and need to be updated. State education funding remains inadequate; California is currently ranked 41st in per-pupil spending. There is no amount of school fundraising (Auction, Fun Run, Ed Fund or Spell-a-Thon) that could pay for the types of upgrades and improvements that we need to make. Approving a school bond is an opportunity for the community to invest in outstanding schools. The last school bond (Measure C) was passed in 2010 and the money has almost all been spent. As a reminder, School Bond Measure A funds paid for our MUR, exterior paint, and new playground equipment.  Measure C funding provided Mt Diablo Elementary with 12 classrooms, the parking lot, A/C in all classrooms and $310,504 towards our new field.  


WHAT IS MEASURE J? Measure J will provide $150 million in funding for upgrading facilities at MDUSD schools. It would cost property owners approximately $15.00 per $100,000 of assessed, not market, value per year. All funds would support repairing and improving schools in our community. It’s important to note that by law school bond money cannot be spent on salaries, benefits or pensions. Measure J money can’t be taken away by the state and there will be community oversight insuring strict financial accountability.


HOW WILL MEASURE J FUNDING BE SPENT? Measure J funds will be used to address a range of facility needs at schools across the district, but in broad terms the funds will be used to make repairs and safety upgrades to our aging school sites, and support 21stcentury instruction. At Mt Diablo, needed improvements include upgrades like air conditioning in our MUR. 


Spending decisions will be driven by a complete district-wide Facility Master Plan that will provide a comprehensive assessment of all physical facility needs that the district can use to prioritize projects and apply resources accordingly.   



If you’d like to learn even more about Measure J there are great resources available on the District’s website and the Campaign for Yes on J website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Laney Cline King if you have further questions. 



Although school funding is a matter of great importance to us as parents of school age kids, the majority of voters do not have children at home. We need your help to get the word out to the rest of our neighbors about the need to support and invest in our schools! We have a limited amount of time to get this message out because absentee ballot voting begins Oct 8th! 

Here are five ways you can make sure Measure J is a success:

  1. Vote YES on Measure J: Measure J will appear near the end of your long ballot—remember to go to the end and vote YES on J!  If you vote by mail, look out for your ballot the week of October 8th.  
  2. Endorse Measure J: Lend your name to the campaign by publicly endorsing the measure.Individuals from all over our district are endorsing too.  Endorse by clicking here 
  3.  Precinct Walk for J: Walk your neighborhood with your friends and help us talk to voters!   Click here to volunteer!
  4.  Put up a YES on J lawn sign: Show your support by putting up a YES on J sign in front of your home or business.
  5.  Donate to the campaign: This is a grassroots effort.  Every donation — no matter how big or how small — will help get us over the top!  Donate here.


To learn more or sign up to get involved, go to: