Info regarding where we are at for the Fun Run 11/17/17
Wed, Nov 15 6:19pm
Mt. Diablo Elementary

We’re only two days away from the Fun Run! The teachers and students seem so excited to finish the program strong and celebrate at the Fun Run.

Today Mrs. Ils' class got to duct tape Devin to the flag pole outside- the students had a blast and it was quite a sight! They won last night's challenge of being the class to bring in the most new pledges overnight. Congrats to Mrs. Ils' class!

Tonight's challenge is similar- the student in each grade that brings in the most new pledges tonight will get to pie Kickin Kirsti in the face at the Fun Run Friday! The excitement today was real, and students are more than ready to accept the challenge!

Here are the stats after last night:

States: 32

Countries: 5

Registration %: 68

Participation %: 48

Percentage to Goal: 48%


Top classes:

Kindergarten: PILON

1st grade: POUSARD

2nd grade: KNAPP

3rd grade: VANOUTRIVE

4th grade: CARCAMO

5th grade: KERR