MDE Play Field Project Update
Wed, Sep 19 11:36am
Mt. Diablo Elementary

Hello MDE Parents!

Since 2016 the MDE Play Field Project Committee has been working tirelessly to secure funds to replace the school’s uneven, undermaintained field, which is full of gopher holes, rodent mounds, and clumps of weeds.  To date, we have raised $710,000!  This is enough to cover the cost of a complete renovation of the field.  The project is scheduled to break ground sometime between October 1st and October 9th of this year.  It will take approximately two (2) months to complete and the field should be ready for play by March 2019.  Although this is fantastic news, we have not reached our goal of raising enough money to replace the surrounding asphalt track.  The track is used by the students every day at MDE not only for PE, but for Walking Club, Running Club, Mission Move and more.  Please, please help us reach our goal by either buying a personally engraved paver that will be placed in a plaza on the field or make a monetary donation in any amount! 
You can donate both ways by visiting the Play Field Project’s website:
The deadline for buying a paver is October 30, 2018.

Thank you so much in advance for your support of this amazing project!