MDE is grateful for Mr. Patrick!
Sun, Nov 11 11:30pm
Mt. Diablo Elementary

MDE is grateful for Mr. Patrick! 

If you don't know who Mr. Patrick is ask your student and I am sure they will tell you of a funny or friendly interaction with him. Mr. Patrick is our school custodian, and he is loved by our students and staff. He comes to work every day with a smile on his face and brings a smile to the faces of the kids at MDE. 
Several parents have reached out to the PFC over the last month asking if we could organize something to show Mr. Patrick how much we appreciate him. This week each class will be given a large card to be signed by all the students. The cards will be presented to Mr. Patrick the Friday before break, 11/16, with the message "MDE is grateful for Mr. Patrick".
A collection box will also be placed in the office with the word GRATEFUL written on it. If your family or student would like to give an individual card to Mr. Patrick please place it in the collection box by the end of the day Thursday 11/15. The box will be presented to Mr. Patrick with the class cards on Friday. We are not asking for donations or having a collection for a gift. If your family would like to give a small gift we would recommend a gift card to be placed in the "GRATEFUL" box located in the office. 
Thank you to the parents that have reached out and requested we recognize Mr. Patrick. We know he will be touched and feel appreciated.