Materials Pick-Up: 8/13 & 8/14
Mon, Aug 10 1:09pm

Materials Pick-Up: 8/13 & 8/14

The day has finally come where we can share all about the materials pick-up day. Please know that to pick up materials for your students you and your student(s) MUST have a mask on and you will need to have your DISTANCE LEARNING STUDENT CONDUCT & EXPECTATIONS page filled out. It can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

Our Materials Pick-Up Days will be Thursday, 8/13 & Friday 8/14 from 11:00 am-2:00 pm.

Each grade level will have a specific time in which to pick-up materials. If you have multiple students in multiple grades, you will need return for each grade-level scheduled pick-up time. This is due to our safety protocols in place to ensure all members or our community stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.

How it works:


  • Come masked at your assigned time ONLY
  • Students should attend with a parent(s) to meet their teacher
  • Proceed to your teacher's classroom, with Distance Learning Conduct "ticket" in hand.
  • Wait at the door keeping 6-feet from other families
  • Teacher will call the next family up and have materials on the table in-front of their room.
  • Once materials are in hand, please make your way off campus.



11:00-12:00 Second Grade & Fifth Grade

12:00-1:00 K/TK & Third Grade

1:00-2:00 First Grade & Fourth Grade


11:00-12:00 K/TK & Third Grade

12:00-1:00 First Grade & Fourth Grade

1:00-2:00 Second Grade & Fifth Grade


If you are unable to pick-up your materials, another family may pick your materials for you. They must have your "ticket" with them. If that is not an option, please contact your teacher via email. (All email address are on the website.)


WEDNESDAY, 8/12/2020 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm. Please come during your grade level's assigned time.


9:00-9:30: Kindergarten and TK

9:30-10:00: First Grade

10:30-11:00: Second Grade

11:00-11:30 Third Grade

11:30-12:00 Fourth Grade

12:00-12:30 Fifth Grade

12:30-3:00 If you missed the above time, come during this time.


Your teacher assignments can be found now, using your student's CLEVER password OR on AERIES.