Morning/Afternoon Drop off overview
Fri, Aug 23 12:21pm
As we begin a new school year, here is a quick overview of drop off zone process:
1.  There are two drop off zones
    a.  In front of the school (drive through the half circle in front of the office).
    b.  On Pine Hollow Rd (closest to 3-5 grade classes) with gate entrance for students.
2.  When entering the drop off zones, vehicles should pull as far forward as possible.
3.  Students should be ready to exit the vehicle upon arrival in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly.
4.  Once students exit their vehicle, they should stay on the sidewalk and proceed to their classrooms.
Parents are asked to not exit their vehicles when using the drop off zone as this can create backup of traffic of vehicles waiting to drop off students. During afternoon pick up time, it is also requested that vehicles do not start lining up until 2pm for both drop off zones.
Thank you for your attention and cooperation!