Move-A-Thon update
Mon, May 24 9:50am

Hello MDE:

With ONLY three days left of the Move-A-Thon we are at 60% of our goal. Let’s push these last couple of days, so we can achieve the opportunity to PIE Mr. Patrick or Mrs. Sanchez. You can even select water balloons if you prefer!  

We have a lot of people that have registered, but have not collected a pledge. Did you know that if each person collected at least $30 dollars in pledges we would exceed our goal.  Thank you for your support!

As of right now top classes for fundraising are:  (as you can see its very close)


Total Raised


 $                1,890.33


 $                1,684.02


 $                1,468.91


 $                1,249.40


 $                1,177.96


 $                   849.33


 $                   794.88


 $                   778.75


 $                   703.43


 $                   661.95


Thank you!