Odyssey of the Mind Teams
Mon, Feb 24 7:40am
Our Odyssey of the Mind teams have been working hard will compete at the Regional Odyssey of the Mind Tournament this Saturday, February 29th at Concord High School.  
Everyone is welcome to watch the performances so please come to support our teams!  This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Odyssey if you or your student are considering participating in the program next year.  Times and locations of team performances are listed below.  To learn more about the problems teams are solving in their performance, you can go to https://www.odysseyofthemind.com/2020ltproblems/.
Coaches: Jessica & Dave Nieman
Team Members: Ainsley Bowron, Heidi Bowron, Camden Caldwell, Penny Nieman, Isaac Price, Evey Robello, and Garrett Zee
Problem - Longshot Solution
Performance - Concord High School, Room 803 @ 1:16pm
Coach: Renee Culp
Team “Crazy Creators”
Team Members: Avica Bennett, Julia Dent, Ryan Dent, Emma Forrester, Carly Grover, Cassidy McAdams, and Charlotte King
Problem - Gibberish or Not
Performance - Concord High School, Room 510/511 @ 8:00am
Coach: Amala Senarath
Team Members: Katie D'Angina, Ashlynn Gonsalves, Brooke Lathrop, Crew Nieman, Evan Prejeeth, Ruby Rainsberg, and Jevindu Senarath
Problem - The Fashion Bug
Performance - Concord High School, Room 604 @ 11:40am
Coach: Keren Smith 
Team Members: Keira Caldwell, Shreya Dey, Nick Gourlay, Hannah Laverick, Colton Roberts, Sierra Roberts, and Amalia Smith
Problem - The Fashion Bug
Two Diablo View Middle School teams will also be competing.....
Coaches: Renee Culp and Kelly McDougall
Team “Awesome Sauce” Members:  Mikayla Agnew, Ruby Bartholomew, Emily Blackwell, Ava Chan, Jordan Culp, Chris Dent, and Sean Peach
Problem - Gibberish or Not
Performance - Concord High School, Room510/511 @ 10:40am
Coach: Renee Culp
Team “Otter Pops” Members: Billy Blackwell, Grace DeSeelhorst, Mia Grover, Kaylen Lucchese, Ashlee Pilon, and Brianna Pilon
Problem - Net Working 
Performance - Concord High School, Dance Room @ 1:20p