Picture Day Procedures
Tue, Dec 15 9:50am
Picture Day Procedures
Good Morning,

There has been a few concerns regarding the Picture Day procedures from the newsletter. The idea of having parents stay in their cars, came from a different site and different lay-out. Parents will be allowed to be in line with their student(s).

Here is how Mt. Diablo Elementary Photo Day will take place. (Please understand that this may change as we are trying to figure out what is the safest way to conduct a socially distant picture day.)

  1. You MUST have an appointment!  (There will be NO drop-ins allowed)  Sign-up here
    1. Your name will be checked off when you arrive.
    2. You will be assigned a door to enter through.
  2. All students and parents need to be wearing a mask.  (You will be asked to get one if you do not have one on. You will be reminded to wear it correctly, if it is not covering your nose and mouth)
  3. Photos will be taken in the Multi-Use Room
  4. Markings will be outside of the doors in 6' increments.  Please remain on these markings until the group in-front of you moves forward. (parents are allowed to be in line with students)
  5. Students ONLY will be allowed inside the Multi-Use room, one at time per camera. (We will have noon-duties inside to assist students.) 
    1. Siblings that are MDE students may go in together.
  6. Parents will be able to meet their child at the exit door which is on the opposite side from the entrance door. 
  7. As soon as your student(s) is done, you will need to exit the campus.  
    1. There can be NO waiting for friends.
    2. There can be NO loitering.
    3. Gates will be locked at 3:00pm on both Thursday and Friday
      1. Please plan your work pick-up accordingly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Katie Sanchez