Requesting Lunch Volunteers
Thu, Sep 16 8:26am

Hello MDE Parents,


It's come to our attention that trash is ending up in all of the lunch bins (including recycling and compost), making it impossible to compost the food waste (and there is A LOT of food waste).  We use food scraps for our garden worm bin and composting at lunch keeps the kids mindful of being less wasteful.  


We are requesting a few parent volunteers to help kids sort their food waste at lunch time.  If you are interested in helping with this, contact our garden educator Kellie Hunt at  It will probably only take a few weeks for the kids to really get it, and any time you can provide is much appreciated.  You will have to be cleared as a volunteer with MDUSD and also submit proof of vaccination to Mrs. Sanchez.


MDE Lunch Schedule:


3rd grade 11:10am-11:45am

1st & 2nd grade 11:45am-12:20pm

4th & 5th grade 12:20pm-12:25pm


Thank you,

MDE Garden Committee