Second Chance Breakfast Program
Thu, Apr 18 9:03pm
Mt. Diablo Elementary

Dear MDE Families,

Beginning 4/22/19, Mt. Diablo Elementary will be offering a Grab and Go Second Chance Breakfast program provided by Food Services for our students during their morning recess.

This program enables students to have another opportunity to have a breakfast item during the school day. The students may only go at their dedicated morning recess time and should be aware that eating the second chance breakfast can consume some of their recess time. Students will be given permission to walk to the MUR to purchase the breakfast and then take it back to the dedicated tables on the playground to eat their meal.

The cost of a second chance breakfast is $2.00 daily and they are charged onto their lunch account if they purchase it. If you have any further questions, please contact food services at 925-682-8000 x 4124 regarding the program.

We have also included a link to the menu so you can be aware of what the items choices are.



Joe Bruno

Vice Principal