Student Leadership Program at Mt. Diablo Elementary
Wed, Nov 6 6:40am

Dear Parent/Guardian and Community,

My name is Kendra Buddell and I am initiating the reinstatement of the Student Leadership Program at Mt. Diablo Elementary for our 4th and 5th grade classes.

The program will be in the form of a Club, after school, as offered earlier in the year.

The mission of the program is to awaken or even substantiate the deep-seated notion that kids have a voice and influence in the world that surrounds them. We will be seeking opportunities and exploring age appropriate options as a group, as well as delving into meaningful discussions that center around what leadership looks and feels like to them and the people around them. There will also be a series of “sign ups” available to the kids so that they may choose to step up to complete tasks based on their interests and contributing their efforts.

That said, I need a core group of parent (or teacher) volunteers to make this happen. The program is contingent upon whether I can confirm at least 4 steady helpers per meeting.

The meetings will be held on Mondays, from 2:25 to 3:30 PM. Our last Meeting will be on May 18th.

This is meant to be fun and exciting for everyone involved. I expect levity, creativity and eagerness from the students. To be honest, I am beyond stoked to do this with everyone! Giddy, even!

Please contact me at with the following information if you are interested in helping, as I will be reviewing responses and filling calendar spaces based on volunteer availability.

I need: Your Name, Cell number, Email address and your availability as listed below:

Availability: Every Monday [  ]     Every 2nd  Monday [   ]     Every  3rd Monday [   ] Every 4th Monday [   ]

Please also let me know if you’d like to help with projects during lunch and recess when available. [   ]

If we get enough help, the permission slips are next. If you have any questions where a conversation would be helpful, call me and lets chat. My cell is 510-207-6223 (Leave a message if you get VM. I have a spammy call filter.)


Thank you,

Kendra Buddell