The Move-A-Thon
Thu, May 13 3:24pm

Hello again MDE Families:

The Move-A-Thon is off to a good start. BUT we need your help to register your child.

Reminder: What is Move-A-Thon?

It’s the opportunity to track activity minutes within pledge star your child’s movement (go on a bike ride, jumping jacks, take a family walk, hold a plank, etc.) for fun prizes and raising money. 

Participating is easy!

To sign up, go to


  • If we hit our fundraising goal (which I know we can)
    • Every child who is registered for the Move-A-Thon and raises at least $50 will be entered into a raffle to PIE Mrs. Sanchez and Mr. Patrick
  • Every child who raises $100 gets entered into a raffle for:
    • $50 Amazon gift card
  • The child with the most $$$ raised:
    • $150 Amazon gift card
  • Class with the most $$$ raised:
    • $10 Amazon gift card per student
  • The child with the most activity minutes logged 
    • $75 Amazon gift card
  • Also, some teachers will be offering class incentives 

 Thank you in advance for helping to make MOVE -A-THON a success!


 Amanda Collier

2021 Move-A-Thon Chair