What level donor do you want to be?
Tue, Sep 12 1:01pm

MDE we are dedicating this week to our Ed Fund!  We will send a daily communication with information and a reminder to help support our amazing school and programs. A flyer should have come home today as well with your child. The PFC would love your support for this year’s Ed fund! We are currently at 40% of our goal and the more we get now, the less fundraising we have to do later this year.

Donor Levels:
Gold: $180 - this breaks down to $1 per school day
Silver: $100
Bronze: $50

Any amount is appreciated!
Donating is easy! We accept cash, check (made out to MDE PFC), PayPal
(https://www.mtdiabloelementarypfc.org/donate) or Venmo (@mdepfc)

Thank you!