Yearbook Portraits
Mon, Mar 15 3:17pm

**Yearbook Portraits**
If your student had his/her/their picture taken at school last week, you’re all set for the yearbook!  If he/she/they didn’t have a picture taken, don’t fret!  You can contact the photographer to schedule an appointment by calling 925-485-6025. You can also submit a portrait taken elsewhere, even snapped with your phone, so your child(ren) is/are included in the yearbook! 

On the TreeRing app, Step 3 on the home screen is “Add a Recent Portrait of Student”.  Click here and choose the location of the picture.  You’re done!  Prefer to upload the picture from your computer?  Follow these instructions Upload a Portrait Photo of Your Child  Please use a simple neutral background in the picture for best results.

While you’re in the app or online, please upload pictures from recent events and activities in the shared photos.  We will only be able to create a yearbook with photo submissions from the community!

  • Classrooms
  • Beach, Snow, Camping, Hiking and other family time
  • Sports
  • Scouts
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Garden
  • First Day of School
  • Kindness Week

Still haven’t ordered your yearbook?  Please visit and enter the school passcode 101460570268882 to order. Yearbooks are $25.   

If you have any questions, please contact Erin Bennett at