All Gender Middle School Volleyball - 1st Try-out on the 2nd day of school!!! Come on out!
Sun, Aug 7 8:01am

The new school year is about to begin and 2022/23 Nea/ACLC middle school sports program through AEF will kick-off just after school begins!!!  No experience is necessary to try-out.


WHAT: Volleyball Tryout #1 (there will be several)

WHO: All-Gender Middle Schoolers attending Nea and ACLC

WHEN: Thursday,  Aug 11th 4-5pm

WHERE: Alameda Point Gym  1414 W Redline Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

HOW: Wear athletic clothing & shoes.  I like to wear a long sleeve shirt to protect my arms. Bring a water bottle.

COST: It is Free (no cost) to try-out.  If you make the team the fee is $85, but need-based scholarships are available.


Please print, fill out, and bring this waiver to the try-out in order to participate in the try-out


This is a walkable distance if learners leave right after school (32min).  If your learner  is interested in trying out *and* you can offer carpool (or bikepool or walking pool) assistance, please let us know here:   (Sign-up on this list is not a requirement to tryout)


Contact Coach Mike or Coach Brett for more info: and  For scholarship, waiver, or registration info please visit AEF at