Are you a baker? A cookie designer? A pastry chef in hiding? NNO is a chance to show off your skills!
Sat, Jan 20 8:52am

Due to popular demand from aspiring parents, we're going to have a dessert auction a Nea Night Out this year.  


Here are the details:

- Create a dessert of any kind, that's sharable for 8+ people, and portable.  Think: a full cake, a pie, a plate of cookies or brownies, etc.  Keep it simple or go elaborate, your choice. 

- Bring it to Nea night out with a brief description- and take credit for your work!  (Please note allergens like peanuts)

- We'll have a dessert table for guests to purchase a dessert for a fixed price (first come first wins)  
- Buyers can share their dessert at the event or take it home for later, your choice.  


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