Follow-up Message from Annalisa
Thu, Dec 16 11:48pm

Dear CLCS Community,


After having an opportunity to review family communications regarding my email about a possible threat of violence on the social media platform, Tik Tok, I am sending this email to provide additional information. As of this evening, we have nothing to substantiate a specific or credible threat to our schools. As you may be aware, there are currently non-specific threats of violence being made against schools nationwide via social media. Communications to District and County Superintendents this evening from the State Department of Education, Cal Office of Emergency Services, and other state officials have assured us that both state and federal law enforcement agencies continue to actively assess these threats and investigate their origins. 


I completely understand the level of concern around this issue and know that each family will make an individual choice about their level of comfort in sending their learner(s) to school. If you decide to keep your learner(s) home please email Roxie Montoya.    


Here is additional information so that you can make an educated decision on how you will proceed regarding school tomorrow.


We were made aware of the threat through several of our learners at Nea who saw it on a Tik Tok page that they follow. On the Tik Tok page, created by an unknown person about a month ago, a sentence came up that said "there will be a school shooting tomorrow."  A search by CLCS personnel revealed that the sentence disappeared or was removed shortly after it was seen. Several other Tik Tok pages, not affiliated with the local area or Nea, received the same or similar messaging.   


CLCS investigated the threat, reported information to APD, and the threat was deemed not credible.  There was no direct threat to Nea, its learners, or staff.  


Based on known information, no learner, staff or family is associated with the post. 


Non-specific and unrelated school threats have been on-going across the nation. The FBI investigated the social media claims that violence would occur at schools on December 17 and found no credible threats.  The FBI information was released to various organizations this afternoon. 


Safety is our number one concern and we followed our threat assessment protocols. We will have administrative staff on the perimeter and blacktop of the school tomorrow as support for learners and staff. 


In Partnership,

Annalisa Moore

CLCS Executive Director