LV Music Show: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Wed, May 29 6:00pm
Nea Blacktop
Music Show:
The Spring Music show is coming up on May 29th from 6-7:30. Mr. Cliff's 4th and 5th graders have a rhythm and song performance.   Mrs. D has been working hard with the K-3rd graders and each class will perform a song from Willie Wonka Jr.  The blacktop between room 
32 and 38 will be set with chairs and a stage.  The learners will be off stage in the classrooms while parents get to enjoy this fun show.  

•Ms. Subie's Class and Ms. Carys: Oompa Loompa Songs- Wear all white, striped socks and If feeling adventurous can spray hair green. 

•Ms. Dorota's class: Burping Song-  Fun colors and crazy hair/accessories 
•Ms. Mills's Class: Golden Ticket- Anything Gold or shiny 
•Ms. Gonzalez's Class: I Want it Now - Red/pink/blue anything of those colors. 
•Ms. Jess/Ms. Sara's Class: Think Positive: Anything Purple
•Ms. Bethany's Class: Golden Age of Chocolate: Tie-dye, funky colors
•Ms. Andrea: The Candy Man Kid friendly outfits (ie dressing up like a 50's school kid) dresses, Slacks, cardigans, blazers, clean-cut uniform-esk. 
•4th & 5th:  black and white