Letter from Annalisa tonight
Thu, Dec 16 7:49pm

In case you didn't see it in your inbox, this letter was sent tonight from Annalisa to the CLCS community: 

Dear CLCS Community,

In these times, there are two important things that we must ask of our families:

1. Please monitor your learners' technology devices including text messages, email and social media and speak with them about appropriate behavior online. Many learners create secret accounts so it is important that you have regular access to their devices to monitor their activity.

2. Report any concerns you have about threats against schools to school administration.

Today several learners brought to our attention a “challenge” that is circulating across the country via Tik Tok. This Tik Tok “challenge” promotes gun violence or threats of violence at schools across the country this Friday, December 17, 2021. In addition, a specific post on a Tik Tok account related to Nea threatens that “there will be a school shooting tomorrow.”

Any time we are alerted about something regarding school violence we follow our threat assessment protocols, work closely with our local law enforcement, and collaborate with our neighboring schools to address any concerns or potential threats. Out of an abundance of caution, Alameda Police Department officers will be in close proximity to campuses throughout the school day tomorrow.

This perceived threat provides an important “teachable moment” about why people should not create or share posts about school safety threats. Posts about school safety threats, even if they are not credible, cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for our learners, families, and staff. Please use this opportunity to talk with your learner(s) about digital citizenship and set clear boundaries and expectations about appropriate social media use. Some talking points are:

1. Intent and impact of postings;
2. Leaving a digital footprint which may have implications for college and career;
3. Legal ramifications of social media use.

We will also address these topics with learners in January upon our return and will continue to educate our learners about digital citizenship and appropriate social media use. If your learner is in need of social emotional support please contact our office so that we can provide counseling support.

We appreciate your partnership in this matter.

Commonsense Media: “Privacy and Internet Safety
Federal Trade Commission: “Protecting Kids Online
National Association of School Psychologists: “Talking to Children About Violence"

In Partnership,


Annalisa Moore

CLCS Executive Director