Measure A - Strong Schools for Alameda
Wed, Jan 29 7:38pm
Calling All Nea Activists!
Measure A (The Parcel Tax to help increase our beloved Alameda teachers pay to East Bay Average) is coming up soon with Mail ballots arriving sometime next week! This measure helps Teachers at both the Public Schools and the Public Charters like Nea!
There is still the potential to be a Block Captain, especially on the West End (You get assigned a certain amount of blocks to canvas and deliver info to following an app on your phone)
But here is also phone banking, individual endorsements, donating and showing a lawn sign / window sign :)
I recommend going to the main website to learn more:
Visit and follow the Facebook Page at:
There you can endorse online, request campaign materials and/or sign up for phone banking. If you'd like to try being a Block Captain, let us know via email to the PTSA at:
-If you do phone banking or volunteer in another way, please tell them you're from Nea CLC so we make a good showing being part of effort :)