Nea Community Crowdsourced Childcare
Tue, Mar 10 7:53pm

On behalf of intrepid Nea CLC Parent Angela Hockabout, we'd like to share a link to a GoogleSheet for crowdsourced childcare that Nea Families can utilize if needed.


Click here:  Nea/Alameda Community Crowdsourced Childcare


Per the original Facebook post:

A prepared community is a resilient community. Not everyone will be able to work from home in the event of school closures. It's better to plan now than to scramble later.

I've created a spreadsheet for Nea families to support each other in the event that the school closes. Please share.


If you can take in additional children during a school closure, please add yourself to the "Families Who Can Provide Care" tab. If you need care, please add yourself to the "Childcare Needs" tab. If you have an upper village child who can provide childcare support while also doing their schoolwork, please add them to the "Upper Village Babysitters" tab.


Adding yourself to the list does not guarantee care, and does not obligate one to provide it until you have made an agreement with a family. The creator of this spreadsheet is not responsible for how that goes.


This resource is meant to be a last resort. Generally speaking, family and close friends are going to be better able to provide care, but not everyone has those options available to them.


Separate PTSA Note: This is not a school sponsored or insured Nea CLC/ACLC or PTSA service, but a way our families can independently help each-other if needed  :)