Online Book Fair!
Book Fair

The book fair is coming online!


The book fair is available April 27th through May 10th. Shopping during those dates earns 25% for Nea when they purchase through our shopping link above and either sign in to an existing account or create a new account. There are several links and a photo album in the welcome message that contain book trailers, online previews, and an in-person set up of an Elementary school fair (prior to all the shutdowns).  Links to the interactive book flyers are also available on this page.


On the 27th, when people visit the Nea Book Fair link and scroll down to the yellow online shopping section, there will be an orange Shop Now button. If people want to shop from the fliers, after clicking the Shop Now button, they will need to scroll down a bit until they get to the AS SEEN IN [preschool fairs / elementary fairs / middle school fairs]. Click through the specific fair type to get the titles available through that flier.


Everyone is welcome to send the Book Fair website out to their family/friends/etc.


These orders ship direct to home (or whatever address they specify at purchase) so anyone can buy through our link even if they're not local.