PTSA Newsletter - Beautification THIS SATURDAY 10AM! Ice cream social next Tuesday!
Tue, Aug 8 10:49am


August 8, 2017 


Back to School, Fall 2017



  • The Ice Cream Social
  • Beautification Day THIS SATURDAY10AM - Nea
  • Join Konstella, the Nea Social Network
  • Get to Know the PTSA
  • Get Your Livescan done!
  • Upcoming Events
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Support Nea Now

Dear Nea Families, Facilitators and Learners,

Welcome to the new School Year for 2017-2018!

We're so excited to see you and your families at the Ice Cream Social at 1PM for Kindergarteners and 2pm for all other learners on Tuesday, August 14th at the school. Be sure to look for facilitator assignment lists posted around the school. Take some time to meet your new facilitators, classrooms and new friends! We hope you enjoy this exciting start to the new year!


Visit us at The Ice Cream Social
Looking to get plugged into the Nea Community? Say hello to the executive board at the PTSA table and we'll be happy to welcome you. While you're there, check out our awesome Nea ninja gear and join the PTSA.





Back-to-school Garden Work Day - August 12th!

Come help get the school yards ready and beautify Nea on Saturday, August 12 from 10:00am - 1:00 pm. We will be planting plants, weeding, and re-invigorating the campus to help set the stage for our return to school! Please bring trowels, weeders, pruners, and work gloves. Bagels and snacks will be served.




Konstella is our new social network for the Nea community. It has the school calendar, volunteer signups, room updates, and more. It's the easiest and most fun way to stay updated with everything that's going on at Nea. Need help with Konstella? Here's a handy cheat sheet.


Please read on for more events and information!



The Nea PTSA is there to provide support to Nea and enhancing our learners' educational experience. We do this by planning community-building events and fundraisers.


Our efforts have provided:

  • $65,000 for visual and performing Arts
  • $5,000 towards campus beautification
  • $8000 towards technology and professional development
  • plus much, much more!


Learn more about the PTSA's mission by visiting


PTSA membership is $15/year. Parents, teachers AND students can all join the PTSA. Each member gets a vote at our bi monthly association meetings. The more folks that join our PTSA, the stronger our community is! If you have burning questions, email them to


Join the PTSA and order your Ninja Gear right now



If you want to volunteer in the classroom, you will need to get your Livescan clearance and a TB test. The Livescan is good for the entire time your child attends Nea, but you will have to redo your TB test every four years. We will have Emi Johnston at Island Notary providing our Livescan service at the Ice Cream Social and Back to School Night, however save yourself some time by making an appointment with Emi via Facebook. Be sure to bring this Livescan form to your appointment.




The Ice Cream Social isn't the only thing we've got going on at Nea! Check out our upcoming events. These are your opportunities to connect with the Nea community, meet other parents and show your child that you support their school! As always we also need volunteers to make these events a success. If you wish to volunteer for any of these events, please email us at!


STEAM DAY - September 30

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Day will inspire kids to explore, create, and build to learn through hands on activities and interactions. Activities will be designed for lower village learners and facilitated by adults. View ideas for activities and choose one to host here.

Space will be provided for parents and UV learners to set up their activities starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 30. The activities will be available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The PTSA will provide pizza and drinks and possibly some other snacks. We'll clean up from 3 to 4 p.m.Email Laura Kinsvater for more details.



We have sign ups for volunteers positions on Konstella, our new social network. Join today and get involved!


We need:


A Support Nea Now Lead
The person who is in charge of running our Support Nea Now Campaign, who takes charge on communications and making sure we have all the supplies needed for this campaign to succeed. The great thing about Support Nea Now is that it ends on Giving Tuesday in November and then you're done for the whole year and everyone will heap loads of praise upon you.


Ninja Gear
We need someone to help us sell ninja gear!. When someone orders Ninja gear we need to make sure that the Ninja Gear gets to that parent either through the office or through the learner's classroom.


Nea Night Out Support
Starting in November we're going to need helpers to make sure Nea Night Out, our annual gala is a big success. The amazing thing about Nea Night Out organization is that we typically have so much help that we're able to break up the project into different tasks. If you like party planning, have a great attitude and want to get to know other Nea parents, this is the project for you!


Support Nea Now is the PTSA's campaign to raise money for our amazing mission to enhance your child's education at Nea.


We ask every Nea family to contribute $500 to the Nea PTSA. If $500 isn't in your budget, we ask for a meaningful donation, either all at once, or a smaller amount on a monthly basis.

  • You can do that via the Nea Paypal account
  • You can set up a bank bill pay to send money to Nea every month
  • Or you can do a one time payment

Whatever you give, every single cent is appreciated. When you make that payment imagine your child getting to do process oriented art, or learning a new app in our tech lab. When you contribute money, you are delivering educational experiences to your kids -they (and the PTSA) will thank you for it!




August 12
Nea Beautification Day
Nea • 10AM


August 15
Ice Cream Social
Nea • 2PM


August 16

First Day of School


August 31 

Back to School Night

Nea •  5:30 - 7:00PM


September 19
Pancake Breakfast
Masons Lodge • 8AM

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