PTSA Seeks Videos from YOUR KIDS for Nea Night In
Thu, Feb 3 10:28am

Ahoy, talented people! The PTSA would like to showcase the talent of our community by playing videos during the Nea Night In Virtual Pirate Party on March 19 (tickets on sale now).  Please encourage/help your learner create a video of a skit,  joke, song, dance, or any other creative expression! Brownie points for videos that are PIRATE THEMED! 

Video guidelines:

  1. Have fun in the way that works best for your family. Just keep videos under 3 minutes.
  2. Shoot in landscape mode not portrait. This will look better on the computer screen and we want them all to be in the same format. 
  3. Shoot in a well lit room. Daytime in a room with lots of windows is best for most people. Outdoors works well too but that leads to audio challenges.
  4. The best audio would come from an external mic. Most people don’t have one. (I don’t). So, to make sure you get the best audio try to shoot in doors with as little background noise as possible. And speak louder than you think you need to. Presentation voice. 
  5. Record and watch what you are doing. You really need to have perspective to know what it will look like to everyone. And practice makes perfect :) 
  6. Deadline: March 9. Email your video to Wally Holden at

Optional: If you are using an iPhone go under settings-camera-record video. Check 1080p at 60fps. That gives us the best balance between quality and file size and makes sure they all play the same. More tips