Spring Book Fair!
1 day before

The book fair is back!  



In Person!

The book fair is May 6th through May 13th.  Purchases from our in-person fair earn up to 60% back for Nea.  


Sign up to volunteer at the book fair!


Scholastic offers a cash-free payment option called eWallet.  It's a convenient digital account that your learner can use for shopping at our Fair (in person or online!).  Any unspent funds will be turned into a gift card that can be used on any of the Scholastic sites AND can also be used to fund an eWallet for a future book fair. 

If you created an eWallet for the Fall Book Fair, any remaining funds were converted to a Scholastic gift card balance which can be used to fund an eWallet for this fair! 


Take a peek at our digital flyers and sign up for eWallet on our book fair website.



For all those near or far, online shopping is also available from May 6th through May 19th.  Shopping during those dates earns 25% for Nea when people purchase through our shopping link above and either sign in to an existing account or create a new account.   A pale yellow bar will show up on the top of the webpage showing that you are supporting Nea.  Everyone is welcome to send the Book Fair website out to their family/friends/etc.


Online book fair orders ship direct to home (or whatever address is specified at purchase) so anyone can buy through our link even if they're not local.