Spring Book Fair Opens Today at 3pm!
East side exterior of Tree, near portables
2 days before,

The book fair is back!  



Sign up to volunteer at the book fair!


It's opening day for the book fair!  We're having a special Book Fair Family Pizza Night: shop the book fair and, starting at 5pm, enjoy a dinner out supporting the Senior Project Fundraiser.  $7 pizza meal includes 1 pizza slice (cheese, pepperoni, or gluten free), 1 snack (Cuties mandarin), & 1 drink (CapriSun or water)


Purchases from our in-person fair earn up to 60% back for Nea.  


Scholastic offers a cash-free payment option called eWallet.  It's a convenient digital account that your learner can use for shopping at our Fair (in person or online!).  Any unspent funds will be turned into a gift card that can be used on any of the Scholastic sites AND can also be used to fund an eWallet for a future book fair. 

If you created an eWallet for the Fall Book Fair, any remaining funds were converted to a Scholastic gift card balance which can be used to fund an eWallet for this fair! 


Take a peek at our digital flyers and sign up for eWallet on our book fair website.