Support Nea Now Phone Banking
Wed, Nov 15 4:00pm-8:00pm
Casa Hockabout - 210 Ironwood Rd
3 days before, 1 day before

It's time for our final push for Support Nea Nea, culminating in Giving Tuesday on November 28th. We need volunteers from each classroom to call families who haven't yet met their Support Nea Now obligation to remind them about Giving Tuesday and get a pledge for their participation.


On Wednesday, November 15th, meet at Angela Hockabout's home at 210 Ironwood Rd with your cell phone and a dish to share, and something to drink. Alternatively, you can call from your own home. Here's a fun chance to meet your fellow parents and raise money for our school. 


The PTSA will distribute call lists for every classroom. Together, we'll call our fellow parents and remind them to Support Nea Now!


What is Support Nea Now?

Support Nea Now is our yearly drive to fund our PTSA general budget, which pays for visual and performing arts, supports field trips, athletics, tech, facilitator extended learning programs and much more!


We ask each family to donate $500, or an amount meaningful to them. Every donation is accepted and appreciated. If you can do $500, great, if you can do a dollar, that's great too.


Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is the final push for Support Nea Now. We'll be distributing envelopes to every student with the goal of getting every envelope back on Giving Tuesday.  Classrooms that get an envelope back from every student (no matter what's inside) will qualify for a pizza party.