Book Fair

Our semi-annual Scholastic Book Fair helps stock classrooms with much needed reading materials.  Help make it a success!  


Book fairs are in November and March.  Most of the work is on site the week of the event.  


Any time is appreciated to help set up, check people out, and close down the fair.



Positions (0/2 filled)

Book Fair Co-Leaders Signed Up: 3 / 6

We need two Book Fair Co-Chairs to work with the current Book Fair Coordinator to run the Book Fair two times per year- one week in the Fall (October) and one week in the Spring (March). The current Book Fair Coordinator will be available to train and help out but we will need two Co-Chairs in order to continue having this highly anticipated event for the Learners. Much of the work is done during the week of the Fair, Monday to set up, before and/or after school Wed- Fri, and Friday evening tear down. (Volunteer hours are for the month of the event only)
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Book Fair Helpers Signed Up: 6 / 40

Help with setup, breakdown, or check out during our Fall and/or Spring fairs.
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