Popcorn Fridays

Popcorn makes every Friday fun!  It also raises funds for field trips for learners and other classroom support.  Bags of popcorn are 50 cents each and learners (and parents) line up to buy.  Volunteers are needed to pop, serve, and collect money.  Poppers are needed 2-3:30 on Fridays throughout the school year.


Join the popcorn team and sign up to help out when you can - every week, once a month, or just stop by and lend a hand.  An easy and fun way to help out! 


Popcorn Instructions


12oz TopStar Manual

16oz Midway Marvel Manual


2017-2018 Popcorn Instructions and Tracking

Positions (0/2 filled)

Popcorn Co-Leads Signed Up: 1 / 3

Help to coordinate volunteers and replenish supplies. This role can be shared.
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Popcorn Poppers Signed Up: 0 / 40

Join the team so you can sign up to pop, collect cash, or serve. No experience needed!
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