Vote to amend bylaws at next meeting
Tue, Apr 3 7:35pm

The NAM PTSO will be voting to amend the bylaws at the next general meeting prior to the election of new officers.  The current bylaws omit the election of a President and Business Manager as they are currently written.


These changes will be made to Arcticle V, Section 5.02 b, paragraph 2.  The bracketed {}material has has been inserted.


b. Regular Elections.
Elections will be held at the last Regular Meeting of the Fiscal Year. Voting shall be by voice vote if a slate of no more than one (1) candidate is presented or by written ballot if the slate of candidates contains more than one (1) person running for an office, which ballots shall be counted and tabulated by the Nominating Committee.

The order of elections shall be: LSDMC Parent Representatives, {President}; Vice President; Recording Secretary; {Business Manager}; Assistant Business Manager; Parliamentarian; Communications and Technologies Officer; Parent and Volunteer Coordinator; Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator; Student Enrichment Coordinator; Community Outreach, Engagement, and Diversity Coordinator; Faculty Representative.


Thank you,