Book Exchange BINGO TONIGHT at 6:30pm!
Fri, Feb 10 10:46am

See you TONIGHT!

I've heard there will special celebrity guest BINGO callers...
Yes! We are excited to have Ms. Bakker (North Beach Librarian), Mr. Fitch (Focus 3-5 teacher), and Ms. Louisa (Broadview branch of Seattle Public Libraries) as our celebrity guest hosts!

What is Book Exchange BINGO?
Book Exchange BINGO is fun for the whole family. Bring one or more gently used, school appropriate books (kids and adult books welcome!) on Friday, 2/10 at 6:30pm and get ready to BINGO! The books are the prizes; everyone goes home with new and exciting things to read.

How Much Does It Cost?
This event is free!

What About the Potluck?
Please bring your favorite savory or sweet dish to share.  Please be aware of the many dietary needs of the community and label your food. (For example, Chili: beef, turkey, bacon, kidney beans, peppers, spices, and beef stock)
Bottled water, sparkling water and juice will be available for purchase for $1/each. 

Tell Me More About Dressing Up?
Totally optional! If you're  in the spirit, feel free to dress as your favorite literary character. Are you a spacey genius like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, a tormented  man hiding a secret like Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre, a bumbling adventurer like Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, or a sharp minded take-no-prisoners person like Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing? Channel your inner book lover and come in costume!

Where Do I Bring My Books?
UPDATED: starting Monday, 2/6 a bin will be at the front of the school to collect books if you'd like to drop them off in advance.
Make sure to bring books with you to the event on Friday, 2/10. Please ensure that books are in good or great condition and are school appropriate. If you have adult books, bring those along as well. Adults deserve prizes too! When the books run out, the games are over. 

I Have More Questions!
Sure! Everyone loves to be prepared! Send your questions to