Final PTA Fundraiser Coach's All Stars- Field Day Edition
Sat, May 20 3:43pm

In PE, Coach Willis gives awards out to students who demonstrate the North Beach way. These safe, kind, and respectful students embody the best parts of our school and our community. This year Coach challenges the community to be their best selves and help raise $7,500 for our school!

What is Coach’s All Stars- Field Day Edition?
Coach’s All Stars is a combination of a fundraiser and field day.

Tuesday, June 20th students prepare to test their fun, endurance, and sportsmanship while raising money for our school. Challenges range from sprinting, to water games, to enjoying a popsicle. Students choose their challenge level to become one of Coach’s All Stars!

How Does It Work?
June 1st - June 16th students can invite family, neighbors, grandparents, and the community sponsor them as a participant in Coach’s All Stars. Each donation directly benefits our school and students!

Suggested donation for a sponsorship: $10 - $20

Suggested sponsorship per student: 2

Each sponsorship receives a sign to proudly display “I support _____ for Coach’s All Stars at North Beach Elementary”. 

A limited number of printed signs will be distributed, electronic signs will be available on konstella and the NBPTA website. 

How do we donate?
Funds can be gathered via konstella, check (made payable to North Beach PTA), or cash. Donations can be brought to the front office and placed in the labeled envelope.

I have more questions! Great, email Beth at