Harvest Carnival Pictures, Survey, and Thank You!
Mon, Nov 7 8:35pm

Harvest Carnival was just in time to take in the last of the lovely fall weather before November’s beautiful days for our pluviophile friends.  

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated the season with the North Beach Elementary PTA. The event was a huge success with record numbers of attendees!


Your feedback is important so please consider filling out this four question feedback form on the event. 


Jennifer Markovitz, photographer extraordinaire, took pictures during Harvest Carnival. 
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Password: WC4vy6OxZk

Thank You

An absolutely HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers that made Harvest Carnival the spooktacular event it was. Wrangling goblins, setting up milk bottles, grinding hundreds of pounds of apples, feeding our horde, and so much more was all thanks to the wonderful work of PTA volunteers. In no particular order, and hoping that we do not forget anyone, a giant thank you to: Jennifer Markovitz, Linda Rabadi Fair, Nancy Blekeberg, Ms Ang, Natalie Sullivan, Allison Arrington, Toby Slade, Anne Matthiesen, Kathleen Allen, Shannon Yuen, Julie Keegan (and teens!), Amy Wathey, Price Sullivan, Jennie Skidmore, Vanessa Petersen, Sara Schleh, Carrie Ferrence, Rachel Rocamore, Lesley Larson, Kate Hawk, Noelle Firth, Natalie Sullivan, Crystal Low, Caitlin Mahon, Shelly Fujikawa, Dave Rocamora, Cynthia Long, Ms Coutts, Dana Applegate, Andrea Pund, Ms Niemeyer, Judith Bernhardt, Emma Sanyal, Gretchen Jorg, Naomi Namekata, Brina Nelson, Ms Knowles, Kelsi Thorpe-Wilson, Jennifer Webster,  Tracy Habrel, Bryan Firth, Audrey Petitpierre (and teen!)Jill Bingham, Herman Chan, Andy Brauninger, Coach Willis, the wonderful office staff, the amazing Room 6 teachers, Ms Bakker, and Mr Ray. Thank you, thank you, one thousand times thank you!