Last Day of The Big Give, BINGO, Classroom Race Winner!
Fri, Nov 18 8:54am

Last Day to Donate

Over $20,000 Needed!

 Donate today!

Today is the last day of The Big Give, we are behind on our goal, but we can still make it! The North Beach Elementary PTA provides funding that is essential to our school. Essential academically, essential emotionally, and essential to our community. When you donate to The Big Give you are strengthening our community. Thank you to all who have donated and thank you to those who are considering donating. Your donation is needed, your donation is important, and your donation is valuable to our school, staff, and students. For some the suggested $250 donation may not be attainable, others may be able to donate more generously. Give what you can knowing that the North Beach Elementary PTA works hard every day to support every classroom and every student.

Without funding generously donated by North Beach Elementary families, many beloved PTA  programs cannot exist. If you value these programs please donate now: 

  • Classroom Allotments (ensuring our teachers do not pay out of pocket for classroom supplies)
  • Community Donation (helping solve issues that prevent our students from attending school)
  • Art Supplies (the district provides no funding for art supplies)
  • North Beach Appreciation Fund (providing modest thank yous during the year)
  • Scholarships (helping our students attend field trips and activities)
  • PE and Music supplies
  • Recess Equipment
  • Mini-Grants (allowing our teachers to provide materials and experiences to enhance learning)
  • 5th Grade Leadership and Promotion
  • School Social Events

Thank you for supporting our school, thank you for supporting our classrooms, and thank you for supporting each and everyone of our students.

To donate, please click here

Today is also the last day to turn in Herbie ROCKS bingo. Every student that completes BINGO will win a prize and one lucky student will win a giant Herbie stuffy! If your student hasn't had the opportunity to complete BINGO, turn in whatever they have, or a piece of original artwork or writing! Send them to

And now, the fun part of this email, thank you for reading to this point! The In It to Win It Classroom Race was a delightful success. Families from every grade participated and we are excited to announce the winning classroom is…

Ms. Meyer's Classroom in P6

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the In It to Win It Classroom Race!