Poison Hemlock at North Beach Elementary
Thu, May 4 3:36pm


Dear North Beach families,


There is an area of poison hemlock  that is growing near the Towers playground. Poison hemlock is dangerous, invasive, and can spread easily without proper treatment. The district sent out a grounds crew to manually remove the plants, but this is not the recommended treatment and the plants are already growing back. The school is actively reaching out to the district to have these plants removed, but we could use some advocacy. Please reach out to the district via the Let’s Talk feature on the SPS website.

If you are looking for sample text please consider the below:

Hello, I am a member of the North Beach Elementary community and have noticed poison hemlock growing right by our playground for our younger grades. This dangerous plant should not be near our children. In the past, SPS has sent out a crew to manually remove the plant. The poison hemlock is growing back and will not be controlled by manually pulling alone. Our students deserve to be safe. Remove these dangerous plants from our school.