Purchase Your School Supplies & PTA Membership
Thu, Sep 7 12:40pm

Click HERE to pay for your child's required school supplies and purchase your PTA Membership for the year!

PTA Memberships:

Purchasing a PTA membership does not mean that you will suddenly be required to attend all PTA meetings or participate in PTA events. By buying a membership, those funds will go directly to the North Beach PTA and demonstrate your support for our school community. No extra work required!

School Supplies:

The North Beach PTA is able to bulk purchase supplies through the district and then collects the funds for those supplies directly from our families.  This saves you time and money! You may also choose to donate funds to help fund supplies for all students at the school.  The fee for school supplies is $35 per student. We did some comparison shopping and the school supplies would total about $100 per student, what a steal!

Financial Aid is available and can be requested confidentially for school supplies and a PTA memberships.