TONIGHT Syttende Mai Parade, See You at 5:30!
Fri, May 17 12:33pm

Syttende Mai Parade

Hipp Hipp Hurra, it’s the 17th of May!


Join your fellow North Beach Seals and march in the Ballard Syttende Mai parade with us on Friday 5/17/24.


The Syttende Mai parade is a 50-year-old Ballard tradition, and it celebrates Norwegian Constitution Day. Though North Beach hasn’t participated in a few years, we are reviving the tradition! We hope you can join us. For more details about the parade see the website:


Every participant needs a completed and signed “Individual Hold Harmless Agreement.” Download an agreement here and print your own copies:

  • Please fill out the Hold Harmless Agreement and return to the office Friday 5/17/24 so we can organize them and turn them into parade officials. 
    • Both kids and adults need signed forms. 
    • We will have a few copies of the Hold Harmless Agreement at the parade, but please try to fill them out ahead of time, it will make things much easier for everyone 😊



Logistics for meeting up and marching in the parade:

  1. We will meet at 5:30, the parade starts at 6:00
  2. You can walk, bike, or scooter.
  3. If you want to bring candy to pass out during the parade, that would be very welcome. Note that we cannot throw candy into the crowd, but we can pass it out. Small individually wrapped hard candies work great.
  4. Where to meet? North Beach is spot #45 (subject to change). We won’t know our group’s position in the parade staging area until right before the parade starts. Please look for familiar faces and/or the North Beach banner to find our group in the staging area near the parade check-in station at 28th Ave NW & NW 62nd St (just north of Adams Elementary school). Or, be in touch with another family you know is going and come find our group. The staging area is all near the parade check in station, so we will be somewhere nearby! 
  5. This is NOT a drop off event. All children marching with our group will need to be with an adult responsible for them.
  6. Please wear North Beach gear, or North Beach colors if you can! North Beach has some special Syttende Mai T-shirts from past years of participation in the parade. Quantities are limited and sizing sporadic, but we will pass out T-shirts at the parade until we run out!


Please join us, it’s always an absolute blast!
Hipp Hipp Hurra!
Teacher Jenny Hansen and Teacher Jess Bjorklund