Volunteers Needed- Join a Committee!
North Beach Elementary

North Beach Elementary is fortunate to have a wonderful parent community that is united behind the goal of creating lifetime learners. Parent volunteers are a huge part of what makes North Beach a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow.

Volunteering at North Beach provides a great opportunity to provide invaluable assistance to teachers and staff, get to know other families at school, make great friends, have lots of fun, and help us grow as a school community, whether you help from school or from home.

We all have something to contribute. Below is a listing of various ways you can volunteer your talents at North Beach. We welcome your involvement as a volunteer!

If you only have time to volunteer every once in a while:

Sign up to be a lunch volunteer. Lunch volunteers help students in the lunchroom (getting their lunches, opening packages, sorting trash) and help keep the lunchroom clean in between lunches. Sign ups coming soon!

Sign up to volunteer for events. School events require a lot of volunteers, helping out during a shift of an event is a wonderful way to connect with the school.

Help out in class. Talk with your student's teacher about ways you can help out in the classroom.

If you have a little more time...Join a Committee! 

Committees offer flexible evening hours and most meet over a 2 - 3 month period.  

-URGENT NEED- Harvest Carnival

Meets for about 2 months. 

The weather is changing and it’s time to celebrate! The Harvest Carnival committee plans and implements the Harvest Carnival, an end of October event with costumes, treats, and games. This committee meets for about a month and a half (time and location based on the committee’s needs) starting in mid-September and ending just after the event at the end of October. The committee plans games, food, tickets, crafts, recruits night of volunteers, and spooktacular contests. Sense of fun and a love of the word spooktacular is a must!

-URGENT NEED- After School Clubs and Enrichment Programs

Year round need. 

Do you or someone you know have an amazing talent and skill to teach our fabulous Seals after school?  PTA is looking for strong, enthusiastic leaders ready to lead!  We use 6crickets to easily organize our registration, payments and schedules. 

Ways to help:  1. Be a leader of an after school club

  1. Be an assistant leader of an after school club
  2. Be a PTA volunteer to help supervise and support after school clubs

If you want to and can help, please contact Enrichment Coordinator, Amy Wathey enrichment@northbeachpta.org. If you want to volunteer in the building, please go to https://good.samaritan.com/custom/521/volunteer_registration to check that you are eligible and ready to volunteer.

-URGENT NEED- The Auction Committee

Year round need. 

As our largest fundraiser, the Auction is a committee that meets throughout the year starting monthly and becoming more frequently closer to the event. Meetings are usually held in the evening and the committee has a variety of volunteer opportunities from organizing classroom donations and dessert dash to donation and sponsorship procurement.

The Big Give Committee- starts in October!

Meets for about 2 months. 

The Big Give: The PTA’s direct giving fundraiser has about a 2 month commitment (including the 2 week campaign) and usually meets in the evening, either virtually or in person (depending on group needs), every two weeks and then weekly as the event nears. This committee has opportunities for everyone: from the lover of excel files to writing copy to getting face to face with North Beach families to raise awareness of the campaign. 

The Big Give is the second largest fundraiser for the North BEach PTA and the committee creates opportunities for students and families to participate in a variety of games, donation challenges, and classroom competitions. The fundraising goal for The Big Give is $75,000.

Veterans Day Assembly - starts in October!

Meets for about 2 months. 

This committee helps plan and implement a school wide assembly celebrating our nation’s heroes. The Veterans Day assembly committee is a short time commitment that has a profound effect on our students. The committee meets based on the needs of the committee about every week or two starting in October and ending just after the event in November. The committee works with school administrators and teachers to put on a meaningful presentation about this important national holiday.


Other Committees

Meets about 1 -2 months

Giving Tree: North Beach is a giving community and we love to give within our school and the surrounding community. This committee meets for about a month, including implementing the program. The committee works collaboratively with community members within North Beach and the surrounding area to spread kindness and goodwill. Meetings are usually held online and are flexible to the needs of the committee.

North Beach Appreciation Week: Our teachers and staff are the best! The North Beach Appreciation committee focus its attention on a week in may to spread the love and appreciation to our teachers and staff on behalf of our students and families. This committee meets for about a month, including implementing the program. The committee works collaboratively with community members within North Beach and the surrounding area to spread kindness and goodwill. Meetings are usually held online and are flexible to the needs of the committee.

Book Exchange BINGO: How do you spell fun? Sing it with me: B-I-N-G-O! This committee plans and implements this February fun time where families bring gently used, age appropriate books to win as BINGO prizes during the night. This committee meets for about a month, including the night of the event.

Rain or Shine Garden Party: This committee meets to organize a garden clean up party. The committee meets for about a month including the day of the event. The committee works with community members to organize tools, job areas, and gather volunteers to help on the day of. 

Talent Show: North Beach students have style and talent! This committee is responsible for organizing and implementing a virtual talent show and possible watch night. Committee members meet for about two months and petition students for video submissions of their talents, organizing them into a video, and possibly hosting a watch night party.

Walk-a-Jog-a-Field Day: Long name, fun time! This fundraiser combines the fun of a jog-a-thon with the adventure of field day. This committee plans and organizes this fun fundraising day organizing activities in conjunction with Coach Willis, creating games cards, organizing fundraising, and implementing the event day of. The committee meets for about 1-2 months.

Meets for about 3 months

5th Grade Camp and Promotion: 5th grade is a special time for our students. The 5th grade promotion and camp committee ensure that all 5th grade students have a welcoming and fun departure from North Beach. Committee meetings are flexible to the needs of the committee.

Nominating Committee: easily one of the most important committees at North Beach is the Nominating Committee. This committee actively seeks the future leaders of the PTA. This committee’s meetings are flexible and depend on the availability of its members. The committee meets from December until May.

Year Round Need

Enrichment: This important committee needs committed volunteers to help get students to their after school activities, monitor classes during the session, and ensure students are picked up by an authorized caregiver. Volunteers can help during specific sessions of the year.

4th/5th Grade Leadership: This year long committee meets once monthly/bi monthly to help guide students interested in leadership at the school. Adult volunteers help students to facilitate their ideas to make an impact at our school and community.

Yearbook: want a fun and easy way to make lasting memories! Join the yearbook committee. This year long commitment gets to tap into the fun side of North BEach and preserve it for our students. Committee meetings vary and are flexible to the needs of its members. Volunteer opportunities are abundant from gathering pictures, to layout and design, and family outreach.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee: The DEI Committee is a year long commitment with flexible meeting times based on the needs of its members.. The committee advises and makes recommendations to the North Beach PTA’s policies and practices to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment and to ensure all events, communication, and more are inclusive and equitable to a wide range of human diversity. The committee is looking for people who are passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and are committed to inclusive outcomes for the North Beach Community. The committee will work together to identify focus for the school year.


Harvest Carnival Signed Up: 3 / 3

After School Clubs and Enrichment Program Signed Up: 0 / 5

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The Big Give Committee Signed Up: 1 / 3

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Veterans Day Committee Signed Up: 1 / 3

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The Auction Committee Signed Up: 0 / 10

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Giving Tree Signed Up: 1 / 3

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North Beach Appreciation Week Signed Up: 1 / 3

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Book Exchange BINGO Signed Up: 0 / 3

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Rain or Shine Garden Party Signed Up: 0 / 3

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Talent Show Signed Up: 1 / 5

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Walk-a-Jog-a-Field Day Signed Up: 1 / 3

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5th grade camp and promotion Signed Up: 3 / 3

Nominating Committee Signed Up: 1 / 3

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4th/5th grade leadership Signed Up: 1 / 3

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Yearbook Signed Up: 1 / 3

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Diversity Equity and Inclusion Signed Up: 2 / 5

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