APT Charter Renewal Meeting Follow Up
Fri, Aug 30 3:32pm

Dear OSA Community,

Thank you to all for your interest in OSA's upcoming charter renewal and your active participation in last night's meeting.  As we discussed yesterday, there will be a need for stakeholder engagement (students, teachers, parents, administrators) at all levels to ensure a successful charter renewal.  As is the case in a charter renewal process, we need to highlight OSA's strengths and contribute to an authentic plan to address our weaknesses.    We gathered data and ideas from students and parents yesterday at our meeting and that will continue over the next few weeks.

In addition, we encourage you to attend the next APT meeting on September 10th.   We will also be gathering data and information through other means.

Attached are the slides used last night.  In addition, you can find OSA's current charter here.

You can also find news on the latest legislation in Sacramento here: 

San Francisco Chronicle


Stay tuned for more information coming your way from the APT in the coming days and weeks ahead!

Thank you,

Your APT Board