APT Proposed Equity Platform
Thu, Oct 3 11:30am

Dear OSA Community,

We are seven (7) days from the charter renewal application deadline! We are extremely grateful for the administration, teachers, faculty, and staff who are working so hard to lead us successfully through this process.

As we've shared with you, the APT has put forth "An Equity Platform for OSA Charter Renewal" and has shared it with the school's leadership to incorporate it into the charter application.   The platform recommended three additions to the OSA Charter to advance parent power, student success and enrollment equity, they are detailed in the attached document.

The OSA Charter is our road map for the next five years: to be a great arts school with real equity.  OSA’s current student body disproportionately lacks enrollment of English Language Learners (ELL), students with disabilities, and socio-economically disadvantaged students.  Together, we think we can make a real difference in reaching our collective goal that our beloved school better represent the community of Oakland.  Below is some of the data we have shared in past presentations.


Stay tuned for updates!