After School Care - Update
Sun, Aug 19 11:08am
Oakland School for the Arts

Due to an impasse in negotiations with the outside vendor, we are moving in a different direction to provide an after school program for our students.

The administration and the APT, under the direction of Vice Principal Mike Oz and APT President Mark Lecker, will be working diligently this week to develop a safe, reliable after care service. Our goal is to have a solid plan to share with you by this Friday and begin implementation the following Monday.

In order to roll out a successful on-campus after care program, we will need to rely on parent volunteers. If you are able to help, please contact our APT Parent Volunteer Chair, Sandy Swing at

For the first week of school, we will allow students to remain in the Student Center until 5pm under direct school supervision free of charge. In order to keep the situation manageable, we do ask that you only utilize this option for your student if you have no other feasible option.

Student safety is always our top priority, so we need to ensure that we do not have unsupervised students on campus at any time.