An Apology and Konstella Language Support
Fri, Sep 15 9:14am
Oakland School for the Arts
Dear OSA Families:
Yesterday, I attempted to send a test message to some board members and may have accidentally sent it to additional, unsuspecting parents.  My apologies!  The last thing we intend to do is flood your inboxes with superfluous messages.  
If you received an email asking you to join the "Hey Now Committee", please disregard it.  Again, I am sorry for the mistake.
On another note, some parents have inquired about Konstella's support for multiple languages. On the website, you can customize the language of any page, including announcements. At the bottom of each page, there's a Google pulldown menu labeled "Select Language" that invokes Google Translate.
The mobile app, however, is only available in English and Spanish at this time.  If your phone is set to Spanish, the Konstella app is automatically translated.
Thank you, and have a great weekend.
Mark Lecker